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About Devin

Hi! My name is Devin. I am a registered dietitian and a women's weight loss specialist. To give a little back story, I have been completely passionate about nutrition for as long as I can remember. Years ago, I would find myself researching every question that came to mind regarding nutrition and health, and I started to self-educate. From here, I knew I had to move forward with this as a career. I fell in love!

I went through school, an internship, and passed the nationwide RD exam. I worked in a clinical setting to start, just like many RDs do, and from here I found my niche. My passion for weight management began after gaining experience moving over to an outpatient setting in Bariatrics (counseling in both surgical and non-surgical weight loss). I saw how life changing this was for so many of my patients and I knew 100% this was what I wanted to do and what I was best at. This led me to launch my online private practice and I am so incredibly happy that I did.

As for my philosophy, I truly believe balance is key. I personally had an "all or nothing" mentality for the longest time. I struggled with trying to follow strict diet patterns and tried many fad diets (fat burners, low carb, low calorie, the "lemonade diet", intermittent fasting, etc) before learning the proper way to fuel my body, feel satiated and happy, and forever remove the feeling of guilt. Becoming a Registered Dietitian is one of my proudest accomplishments. I have loved every minute of having the opportunity to help so many people change their lives for the better.

Finding a balance is so important. We will create a plan that allows you to achieve your goals and a healthy lifestyle, but also leave room to keep all of your favorite foods. I love sweets, wine, pasta, craft beer, and more! Are you the same? Or maybe have other foods you personally like to indulge in once in a while? I get it! We will work together to achieve your goals and finally lose the weight, restriction-free. I can't wait to help you get to that end result!

About Devin: About Devin


B.S. Dietetics and Nutrition, Keiser University
Dietetic Internship, Keiser University
Board Certified Specialist in Obesity and Weight Management (CSOWM), CDR
Credentials: RD, CSOWM, LD

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