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A few more happy clients!

Devin has truly changed my life! I have tried every diet out there (ww, noom, diet books, low carb, vegan, etc), and have been on a diet since I can remember - definitely as early as my middle school years. Not only did she help me remediate my cholesterol issue, but in the 6 months I've been with her, she has totally helped me change my relationship with food. She has helped me stop seeing food as bad or good, but more or less nutritious. She has encouraged me to have dessert and pasta - things I honestly thought I could never work into my meals regularly! Often times, I've tracked something not so healthy, and have had anxiety about what she might think, but she has never made me feel judged. She has truly given me the tools to succeed. She has helped me learn that consistency is truly key. I have never had this level of confidence with any diet that I've been on. I will truly miss my daily interactions with her - not only is she a great dietician, but she is a great person and has added value to my life above and beyond what I could have imagined!

Jessica C.

I have been trying to diet on my own but nothing seem to work and I needed some accountability. It was safe to say that I was definitely not an easy client by any means and I had more times than not where I felt like giving up completely. After finally giving up my stubbornness, I decided to finally listen to Devin because in my mind I really had nothing else to lose but weight. By doing only that I instantly started to lose weight and by the end of my program I lost a total of 25 pounds. She has not only changed my outlook on life and goals but also has given me a healthy relationship with food that I haven’t had in a long time. I am more than grateful to have had her along this journey and because of her I will continue to lead this lifestyle and be successful! Thank you for sticking by my side and not giving up on me.

Samantha W.

I’ve been working with Devin for 10 months. I did a 6 month program that completely changed my life. I’ve tried every fad diet there is and was tired of the rollercoaster results and restrictions. Working with Devin taught me how to have balance in my life and understand my relationship with food.
She’s knowledgeable, personable and makes weight loss and weight management easy to understand. She will tailor a plan specific to your goals, and give you the tools needed to achieve them. This isn’t a quick fix - you have to put in the work, but she will be there to guide you and hold you accountable.
I loved working with her and learned so much that I continued with an accountability program.
If you want results, stop searching and give her a call.

Jon A.

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