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Envision life when you...

-Aren't stressed anymore about what, when, and how much to eat

-Aren't constantly thinking and stressing about food

-Are feeling confident in your food choices and in your skin

-Have turned around or much improved conditions like type 2 diabetes, hypothyroidism, high cholesterol, elevated a1c, PCOS, etc

-Are no longer feeling like a certain food is "off limits"

-Are working flavorful and super simple meals into your busy schedule

-Are remaining consistent with established habits and it doesn't feel like a chore

-No longer have as many cravings and have enough energy to get you through your day

-Are sleeping better

-Are actually feeling motivated to conquer your nutrition and exercise goals for the day (and have the energy to do so!)

-Have finally broken the yoyo/fad diet cycle and are keeping the weight off for good

-Have improved your mindset and relationship with food

-Are able to eat the foods you love and no longer feel guilty about it

6 month plan

-Use of the HIPAA compliant platform "Healthie" (includes an app to download)
-2 or 4 video sessions each month
-Access to my calendar to schedule your own appointments
-Photo-based food (and exercise) logging within Healthie with dietitian (ME!) feedback
-Between-appointment support via Healthie's chat system
-Plenty of meal and snack ideas based on individual food preferences/intolerances/allergies
.... and more!

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Just a few of my happy clients!

At the start of my journey, I was in a constant cycle of losing/gaining weight, relying on restriction to meet my goals, and prioritizing the scale as my only indicator of progress. Devin's constant feedback on my meals, messages of encouragement, and in-depth knowledge pushed me to develop a new mindset that I am confident will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Nicole F.

What I thought was impossible, she made it possible! And ENJOYABLE — Always encouraging me in a positive and forward direction. Even being “Virtual” I never felt like I was lacking support. Zero judgement. Always had my original goals in mind as we set new ones along the way. Consistently making suggestions and affirming notes to me on journal entries, and great documents full of notes after every follow up. The most professional and friendly dietician I could ever ask for.

Lizzy G.

This is my first time working with a dietician and I couldn’t be happier with my time with Devin. She has helped me so much mentally which has been just as important as the physical part for me. I’ve really enjoyed my time with her so far and am thankful for Devin’s guidance and support on this journey! She is non-judgmental, kind, and consistently there for you. She has helped me shed pounds while I still get to enjoy the foods I love. I am so relieved to have the knowledge and habits that I’ve built during my time with Devin that will for sure help me for the rest of my life!

Olivia B.

Work With Me: Client Testimonials
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