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Your short and long-term goals take time to achieve. We will consistently work together to create healthy habits, confront every day challenges surrounding food, and build a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Virtual nutrition counseling is conducted via Healthie.

So what is "Healthie"? Healthie is essentially our form of communication. It is a HIPAA compliant online platform (secure for protection of health information) where we complete our sessions that can be launched from your computer or mobile device! This is the use of telehealth, 100% online (or telephone) which makes it super convenient and can be completed from your couch!

Each package includes:

  • Bi-weekly sessions and structured goal setting

  • 60 minute initial and 30 minute follow-ups

  • Recap/summary document after each session so you're clear on our plan in between sessions

  • Use of picture-based food (and exercise) logging for dietitian review/feedback via the Healthie app

  • Focus on sleep patterns, stress levels, and hydration levels

  • 24/7 access to me at anytime using the Healthie app and messaging system for daily accountability, support, and questions

  • Support and tips for special events/holidays/work lunches/vacations

  • Meal planning tips/grocery shopping tips

  • Plenty of recipes/meal and snack ideas tailored to your food preferences and any allergies/intolerances

Looking for more? Please inquire for other services!

Work With Me: Services
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